Sunday, 3 July 2011


Sorry I've been neglecting you all once again but I've been kind of busy enjoying the rare sunshine since it's the summer holidays and all...
Currently I am reading an ebook, and as some of you will probably know, ebooks take a little more time than printed books. I hope I can post a review up soon but unfortunetly I can't promise it.
In the meantime, why don't you go to my BRAND NEW daily blog HERE and browse through the posts. I hope you all follow and comment on it!

Thanks for being the best followers!
Rachel xx :)

PS: If you're reading this now and are not following, I strongly advise you to think about it... hehe! :D


  1. ooh are ebooks good? i ahvent tried one yet - but i micght soon! checking out your new blog :) x

  2. The ebooks that I get are on the computer. If I'm honest I prefer printed versions but I would still give it a go to see if it is your type of thing :D Thanks, hope you like it! xx :o)


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